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Yangon needs 75,000 new apartments each year
Beschreibung: Yangon will need around 75,000 new apartments to be built each year to accommodate the city’s growing population, but contractors are struggling to come anywhere close to this target.
Malaysian state fund told to pay $1.83bn
Beschreibung: KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysia's central bank said on Friday a debt-laden state investment fund violated foreign exchange rules and must repatriate $1.83 billion it used abroad.
B3bn road spending to revitalise economy
Beschreibung: The Rural Roads Department plans to spend 3 billion baht on 3,000 road-improvement projects nationwide in December to help stimulate the economy.
One dead, three wounded in US university shooting
Beschreibung: LOS ANGELES — One person was killed and three others wounded in a shooting at an Arizona university early on Friday before police captured the gunman, university officials said.
China's new glass bridge tests courage of tourists
Beschreibung: PINGJIANG, CHINA - China's first glass suspension bridge, which dangles 180 metres over a canyon in the central Hunan province, has excited -- and terrified -- thousands of visitors since opening two weeks ago.
StanChart plans to cut 1,000 top staff
Beschreibung: SINGAPORE/LONDON — Standard Chartered's new chief executive Bill Winters plans to cut up to a quarter of the bank's most senior staff to reduce costs, according to a memo sent to staff, which is likely to see about 1,000 top jobs go.
Saudi haj disaster 'deadliest' to ever strike
Beschreibung: DUBAI — The crush and stampede last month outside of Saudi Arabia's holy city of Mecca killed at least 1,453 people during the haj, a new tally showed on Friday to make it the deadliest event to ever strike the annual pilgrimage.
Seafood spared swim in Koh Samui ferry dock collapse
Beschreibung: A fortuitously parked ferry was the only thing that stopped a truck carrying 24 tonnes of seafood from plunging into the sea after a boat ramp collapsed Friday on Koh Samui.
Court awards buyers refunds for defective cars
Beschreibung: Six buyers of Chevrolet cars that suffered immediate and repeated breakdowns have won a consumer protection case against the dealers and leasing companies, with the Civil Court ordering refunds of all payments.
Philippines to modernise ageing Manila airport
Beschreibung: MANILA -- The Philippine government is considering bringing in investors to modernise Manila’s 33-year-old airport as President Benigno Aquino tries to upgrade the country’s infrastructure.


Mit dem A380 nach Bangkok (2012)

Thai Airways - A380Am 16. Dezember 2012 setzt Thai Airways International auf der Nonstop-Verbindung Frankfurt-Bangkok erstmals einen Airbus A380 ein.